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Last Update: Feb. 19, 2020

How My Rankings Work

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Factors We Consider:

  • Responsible Gambling Resources

Does your site offer players the ability to self-exclude themselves, permanently close accounts, opt-out from marketing materials, set deposit limits, conduct a “reality check”, and set parental controls? Are there links to gambling hotlines present on your site? Failure to make these resources readily available to all of your customers is an easy way to get your business removed from my site. For more information regarding problem gambling, please click here.

  • Gaming License

Does your site hold a valid gaming license – Curacao, Isle of Man, UK, etc.? Where your iGaming license is issued from does not affect my ranking, but an unlicensed site is certainly penalized, or in almost all cases, not listed at all.

  • Popularity/Perception

I scour all of the major forums on a [near] daily basis making note of which sites your customers are talking about, recommending to each other, and publicly complaining about. After a trend has been established, I tweak my rankings accordingly.

  • Customer Service

Does your site create a barrier between you and your customers, or do you try to connect with them? Sites with at least one “personable” representative on social media sites like Twitter, FB, Reddit, BitcoinTalk, etc. rank higher than sites that only reply with auto-generated responses via email.

  • Transparency/Fairness

Don’t give your players a reason to believe they’re being slighted. Gambling sites that proudly display fairness results from independent auditing firms are favored in my rankings over those who don’t acknowledge this. Furthermore, sites that hide important details from customers are severely penalized, or in almost every case, excluded from my site entirely. The most common examples of this include: a) Hiding bonus rollover requirements and excluded games within a wall of legal text, and b) Failure to disclose banking limits and fees until after your customer has already deposited funds.

  • Fast Payouts

Your customers do not want to wait to receive their funds and they will complain if they don’t receive their winnings fast (regardless of your stated timeframes). Sites with hassle-free, expedited payouts perform better than sites that make customers wait for an extended period of time for a payout.

Factors We Don’t Consider:

  • Affiliate Commissions

I often receive emails from online gambling sites offering to pay me in exchange for higher rankings. And while yes, this site is monetized using affiliate programs, I do not, and will never, rank one gambling site over another because of the commission I’ve been offered. In fact, I’m not even an affiliate for most of my highest ranked gambling sites; some of them don’t even have affiliate programs. I even disclose which reviews are monetized in my changelog.

  • Rankings From Other Gambling Review Websites

Ever wonder why some of my rankings are vastly different from many other online gambling review websites? Gambling sites that are ranked highly elsewhere on the internet are not necessarily going to be ranked highly here. It’s because many of my competitors don’t have your best interests at heart.

It goes back to my previous point, many review sites will rank the gambling site with the highest paying (or converting) affiliate program as the best, only to change it when a higher bidder comes along. My goal with is to direct you to a site so great that you’ll never need to come back to this site again. If you’d like to learn more about me and my mission with this site, read my about this site page.

To be honest, this is true about most industries online, not just gambling. Whether you’re looking to gamble online, open a new credit card line, or buy a new bicycle, you should always ask yourself – “Am I being recommended this product because it’s the best, or because it’s the product this person is getting paid the most to promote?” It’s okay to be cynical. If you don’t believe in me or trust my rankings, it means I’m not doing a good enough job.

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